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Rubio Monocoat USA is part of a global brand that sells wood coating products. There are many specific complexities that required custom development. For instance, their flagship product contains 275 variants, well beyond Shopify's default 99 variant limit. Additionally, technical specs required a system that allowed continuity and flexibility for the broad range of finishing products. Another custom feature was a beautiful gallery that allowed the brand to show off finished projects that feature their wood finishes. The gallery required extensive use of metafields that ranged from simple toggles, to open text fields, to repeater fields that allowed only from a select list of options.

In addition to the custom front-end development, the back-office systems required near real-time syncing with the Shopify e-commerce platform, allowing Rubio Monocoat USA to make informed business decision. This was accomplished using a middleware software.

Servicing DTC and B2B customers, Rubio Monocoat USA required a wholesale portal build as well, which was also build on the Shopify platform.

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