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Post Affiliate Pro: Affiliate tracking software

Post Affiliate Pro is an online tracking software that helps businesses grow their affiliate program and manage their affiliations strategically. It provides the tools to analyze, monitor, and track affiliate performance, giving businesses the insight they need to optimize results and boost profits.

Create and manage affiliate programs

Post Affiliate Pro makes it relatively easy to setup your own affiliate program. Create a custom payment plan for each affiliate, track their performance, and manage the entire process with the intuitive dashboard. Monitor commissions, payments, tasks, promotions, and more. Configure and customize as needed to manage your affiliates effectively.

Generate personalized tracking links for affiliates to use

One of the reason Post Affiliate Pro is so powerful is that it lets you generate specially tracked and personalized links for your affiliates to use in promoting your products. Your affiliates can access these links through their affiliate dashboard, making it easy to track which of their efforts are successful. This allows both you and the affiliate to evaluate the success of each promotion and identify potential areas for improvement.

Track the performance of affiliates and their campaigns

Another feature we like is how Post Affiliate Pro makes it easy to track the performance of affiliates and their campaigns. You can view total clicks, impressions, orders, and revenue generated by each of your affiliates over time. This enables you to pinpoint which partners are the most successful, allowing you to allocate budget appropriately for future campaigns. Additionally, Post Affiliate Pro includes tools for tracking referrals and payouts for affiliates so that you can always ensure your partners are being rewarded fairly.

Provide real-time reporting that provides detailed insights into how each program is performing

With Post Affiliate Pro, you'll have access to real-time reporting that provides detailed insights into your affiliate programs. You'll be able to see exactly how each program is performing in terms of clicks, impressions, orders, and revenue. Additionally, you can easily identify partners that are successfully driving sales and engagement for your business. This data helps you strategically allocate budget and make informed decisions about which affiliates to continue working with.

Automate payments and commissions to affiliates for sales generated through their programs

Post Affiliate Pro makes tracking and managing commissions generated through your affiliate programs quick and easy. The platform allows you to set up customizable payment rules based on performance and automatically pay affiliates for sales they generate on set intervals. This ensures that your affiliates always receive timely commissions for their efforts, motivating them to continue driving traffic to your site and increasing the success of your program.

Affiliate software for Shopify integration

The Shopify integration is fairly straight forward. What makes this affiliate tracking software very powerful is that it has a server-side connection with Shopify orders, which means commissions can be adjusted for cancelled or returned orders. This allows you to ensure that you aren't paying commissions unless you are generating real sales.

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