ShipStation review

ShipStation: Supercharge your shipping process!

As you grow your business, the time required for each process increases. Automating the shipping process as much as possible will save time, eliminate errors, keep things organized, and allow you to review the process and make changes over time.

ShipStation is an extremely popular option for shipping software, and it works great with Shopify. As new orders coming into your store, all of the order info automatically syncs into ShipStation, where you can ship the order, and the tracking information generated within ShipStation is then automatically synced back into Shopify, triggering the fulfillment email via Shopify. 

The above flow is the generic workflow but that can be altered based on your company needs. ShipStation has powerful automation features that allow you to define rules, reducing or many time even eliminating repetitive tasks. Ship the same product in the same box 50 times a day? No more selecting the box for every single order!

Integrations with all the top shipping carriers and even many lesser known carries are our of the box integrations. Rate shopping is available right in the platform, and rules can be setup to automate buying the cheapest label, fastest label, or whichever option works best for your scenario.

Except on the cheapest plan level, you can customize packing slips, pick lists, and label templates using a fairly easy to use editor built right into ShipStation.

For advanced users, you can define multiple inventory locations as well as stock levels and item locations (Area, Isle, Shelf, Bin, etc...) at an inventory location.

There is a new feature ShipStation is working on where it can populate live shipping rates in your Shopify store when you customer is going through the checkout. It is currently limited in scope, so for advanced uses, I recommend Bespoke Shipping as the optimal tool for querying live shipping rates during checkout.

ShipStation can be setup by just about anyone, but having familiarity with the platform absolutely makes it easier and faster to get everything setup properly.

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